How to Save Money on Renewal of Domains and Hosting

How to Save Money on Renewal of Domains and Hosting
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Setting up an online business can be more profitable for you if you save small amount of money every time you invest something big. The biggest issue that challenges a newbie blogger or a small e-commerce faces is the management or investing of money in the right place. The slaying of Benjamin Franklin Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship.” is what drives me towards little savings that makes me profit on a long run. When it comes to domains and hosting many companies offers very huge introductory discount to lure the new customers towards them but after the end of this introductory period the real game starts. The offer that you were taking advantage of becomes at least three times more expensive than that you’ve paid in the beginning. But with some little housekeeping you can still save money on their renewal. This is what we are going to discuss about in this article and we will also tell you where you can get domain and hosting for very less price.

Plan everything in the Beginning

You must have heard of the phrase “The early bird catches the worm.” That’s what you should do while buying a domain and hosting. I know this article is for saving money on renewals and not on buying one. But this will help you in future if you consider buying a new one later on. Before buying a new one compare plans of different web hosting providers. Don’t get fooled by the discounts offered by them because post-offer period might be more costly for you. Instead go for that dealer which offers great features with low prices even without the discount. If you want cost effective hosting with great features we recommend you for Bluehost and WordPress whose plan starts with $8.99-$12/m.

It is seen that many people buy hosting and domains a way before they actually set up something on that. This not only wastes your subscription time but it also affects your overall page ranking in the beginning. So only buy one when your business plan and its corresponding website is ready to launch.
Also you should check for the hidden fees like service charge, certifications and many more that most companies hide in the beginning to increase their customer base but explodes the bomb at the time of payment.

Search for coupon codes

The other way to save money on domain renewal is to search for offers and coupon codes online. All you have to do is to search the latest codes available on the web and apply it on the transaction page. You can search the latest coupon code on Google as

<Host_name><month_name_and_year> couponcodes.

Replace <Host_name> with keywords like Bluehost, GoDaddy and <month_name_and_year> with the current month.

For example:  Bluehost February 2018 coupon codes.

Also you can ask your existing host for discounts on the basis of being their loyal customers.

Transfer domains

Nowadays most of the web hosting services supports transferring of domains and hosting with great new offers. So instead of renewing your domain which can cost you $10-12 a month you can transfer your existing domain to a new host which can help you save money. However transferring your database from one registrar to another is a tough case to crack for inexperienced people but with some research you can easily transfer your domain from one host to another. It usually takes 2 to 5 days to transfer a domain and it will not affect your site visibility i.e. your site will not go down during the transfer period.

You can easily transfer your domain from one registrar to another by following these simple steps:

  • First unlock your domain on your existing host
  • Get domain authorization code i.e. transfer code
  • Search for domain transfer option on the new host interface
  • Add your domain and transfer code
  • Execute the transfer and all done

However keep this in mind that it is feasible only for those people having few domains but if you have 10-20 or more domains then it is recommended for you to stay at the same registrar because transferring that much of database is a very difficult task and one mistake from you can cost you a fortune from your business. Also some of the hosts like Bluehost charges too much fees i.e. $140 for domain transferring which is not something that you should opt for. So you should transfer your domain only when money is saved and not where you will have to bear loss.

Also most of the hosts have transfer policy which posts a restriction of 60 to 90 days before which you cannot transfer your domain and database. So before shifting to other these points should be kept in mind.

Best Domain and Hosting Providers

There is a misconception among most of the people that their domain registrar and website host cannot be same. Although there is not any rule that states it neither it affects your site performance in any way which means you can easily buy a domain from GoDaddy and host your site at Bluehost. That’s a relief for most of those people who had this misconception before. Here is the list which will help you renew your domain and hosting at very less price.

GoDaddy: GoDaddy is the considered as the best web hosting provider but they are rather expensive. However domains available there are very cheap as compared to other. At the starting price of $11.99 you can easily get .com domain.

Bluehost: Bluehost is the cheapest web hosting site with the best features available. It is the leading web hosting service nowadays. With an introductory price of $3.95/m and normal price of $14.95/m you will get all the features that an online business need to expand itself.

iPage: iPage is the cheapest web hosting and domain provider available. At a base price of $1.99 per month you can get a domain and web hosting free with unlimited disk space.

Choosing these sites for your domain and hosting renewal is the cheapest you can get on the whole internet with great features that no other service provider provides.


As you can see that almost every web hosting and domain service providers increases the price of their services after the introductory period and choosing the same provider again is very expensive than shifting to other host. So to save money on the renewal you’ll have to keep the following things in mind i.e.

The introductory price, post introductory price, hidden fees, domain transfer policy as well as ease of transfer to avoid any problem that may arise in the future. Also make sure to do a full research before choosing any path in the online business.

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