What Are Backlinks And Its Advantages For SEO ?

What Are Backlinks And Its Advantages For SEO ?
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“Backlinks”, you have heard this word many times in the world of Search Engine Optimization. If you are a beginner then you always keep wondering how this Backlinking can effect your website ranking and ranking over search engines. In this post, I am trying to make you better understand the term “Backlinking” and “Backlink”.

~ What are Backlinks

Backlink are incoming links to your website, like if your site or post link is visible on a site and when you click on that link you landed on a destination page that is your site an that link is called Backlink and this process is known as Backlinking.

Backlinks are directly proportional to the rank of your site, it means that the page with higher backlinks will tend to get higher rank in search engines. Here are few terms which you should know ;

  1. Link Juice

When any of your website’s page or article is linked to the other webpages (Backlink) then it passes the Link Juice. This link juice helps your article or page to rank better. As a blogger, you can stop passing link juice by using nofollow tag.

  1. Nofollow Link

When backlink are used with nofollow tag they do not passes the link juice and hence they are of no use as they do not contribute to the ranking and those backlinks are called Nofollow links. Like when you post your article or website link on Facebook they don’t help you in ranking as they contain the nofollow tag.

  1. Do-follow Link

Those links which passes the link juice are known as Do-follow links and by default all links are Do-follow links.

  1. Low Quality Links

Low quality links are those links which are from spam sites, automated sites or even porn sites. They can hurt your sites ranking and SEO too. Be Aware !!

  1. Internal Links

Those links which are from same domain like if I will add a link of Techzealand on this page then that link will be called Internal link because that will be linked to the Techzealand domain.

  1. Anchor Text

Text which is used to hyperlink is called Anchor Text and they work great if you are targeting a keyword

~ Advantages Of Backlinks For SEO

As I have already discussed that Backlink will help you to get better rankings in search engines. Nowadays, Google is using Penguin algorithm and for better results you have to generate backlink from well ranked sites and relevant sides. Like I own a tech niche blog and if I am starting generating backlinks from sports niche then that is of no use. So you have to generate backlinks from relevant niche.

  1. Improves Organic Ranking

As I already said that Backlinks will improve the search results, if you are getting Backlinking from other relevant sites then your content will naturally rank higher on various search engines.

  1. Faster Ranking Of Site

Backlinks indirectly points to your domain. For new sites, it is easy for search engine bots to find your site effectively from Backlink.

  1. Increases The Traffic

No doubt that Backlink will increase referral traffic to your site. Usually referral traffic has low bounce rate.

~ How To Get Backlinks

One thing before starting, that Backlinks will results in better ranking only if they are quality backlinks.
If you are using some paid services to get Backlink then you may get penalized by Google.

Follow these simple steps to get backlinks :

  • Write quality posts
  • Start commenting
  • See what’s new in the market and start sharing
  • Submit your site to web directories

I hope this article will help you to understand the basics of backlinks in SEO, and why you should start working on getting backlinks for your blog.

Are you currently working on getting backlinks for your blog? Tell us about your experiences in the comments section below.

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